Star Island's Pelican staff is a treasured and critical part of the Star Island experience. The hospitality their Pelican staff offers Star Island's guests influences their stay and strengthens their bond with the island.  The unique work environment offers the "Pels" an enriching learning experience that, in many cases, shapes future careers.  The words “best job ever” are often used to describe being a Pelican, and we know many of you who are former Pels might agree.

Star Island seeks candidates who will be especially safe, cooperative, and respectful, and who can thrive in the close working and living quarters of the island's remote setting. Beyond these essential attributes, Star will be strongly focused on hiring candidates who will contribute to their mission of hospitality and participate in forming a healthy island-wide community.  If you know of people (age 18 and older) who fit that description and might be looking for a summer job- please tell them about this opportunity.

The best way to apply is through the Star Island website: The deadline is January 23.  All first year applicants must provide two completed reference forms.

Thank you for helping to make 2017 a great summer on Star Island!