2018 Conference Grants

The 2018 Conference Grant season is now closed. We look forward to working with Star Island conferences in the 2019 season!

More information

The Isles of Shoals Association Unitarian Universalist, Inc. (ISA-UU) makes grants annually, and have typically been in the range of several hundred dollars.  This funding is intended for new projects and programs, rather than as subsidies to ongoing budgets. Grants are meant to foster the educational, religious and cultural aspects of Star Island conferences. We look for proposals that:

·         Support conference programs

·         Initiate physical or cultural change

·         Bring new Shoalers to the island

·         Encourage individual contributions

Program support may include room and board for speaker and staff, and/or supplies for various programs such as art, music, children’s activities, etc. Program support may NOT include honorariums or travel, or marketing expenses.

When a grant is made by the ISA-UU, it would be appreciated if the grant were acknowledged publicly at the conference. 

Funds granted for the 2018 Conference season are available for disbursement until October 15, 2018, at which time the grant is terminated and funds are retained by the ISA-UU.  Any grant funds unspent by the conference should be returned to the ISA Treasurer.  For Conferences to receive funds in advance, a Tax ID # must be provided.  Conferences without tax ID numbers will receive reimbursement after receipts have been received.  Further information will be provided with grant approval notification.

The ISA-UU reserves the right to accept or refuse applications.  In the event a grant is given, the Association disclaims responsibility for the specific uses to which funds are applied.